Consultations- From a simple stroll through the yard to identify the types and care of the existing plant material, to sound advice of what plant and which plants will do best and where.  Will help in identification of any any problem areas in yard as well as offer a solution to any existing issues such as drainage.  

Landscape Design-  From a simple sketch to a master plan.  The design process begins with a consultation in which we will meet on-site with the customer to walk the site together and assess any issues and the areas that are to be addressed.   During this process our goal is to gain insight into the customers likes and dislikes, if any,  and what their short-term and long-term goals may be for the yard.  We take pride in listening to the client's wants and desires and translating that into a functional, sound design that the client can appreciate.  

Installation- A price for the installation can be given upon completion of the design process.  

Interior Plants-  Consultation and installation of interior plantings available.

consultations- 85.00 for initial hr/ $60 for each additional hr.                                                                                                                                                                                  
design- A price for the design can be given on site in conclusion of the consultation.  Pricing based the scope  of  the design and the amount of detail involved.                                                                                                                                                                  
installation- Once the design process is complete, a price on installation can be quoted.
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